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Sea Fox is our home. We've been cruising full time since September, 2006. She takes us to new places, new experiences and new challenges. Visit the log to see where we've been since then.

She is a Saga 43 hull #8.built in 1997. For those interested, here are some specs. Sagas are built in St. Catherine's Ontario.

We are her third owners. She was acquired new in Seattle then sold in San Francisco in 2002. Her second owners sailed down the West coast to Panama; through the canal; sailed the Caribbean and finished their cruise in Texas in 2004.


The name not only represents us, The Foxworthys, but also honors two sea dwellers.

One is Alopias Vulpinas - sea fox - the thresher shark This shark, considered harmless to humans, is found worldwide but mostly in temperate waters. It is characterized by the extremely long upper lobe of its tail which can equal the length of its body. It feeds on small fish. Like this sea fox, we hope to spend time in every ocean - at least those that have temperate waters. Here is more information about thresher sharks; or Google on"thresher shark" for other information sites.
The second namesake is man made: SS-402 Sea Fox. This submarine served from the middle of WW II to the Viet Nam war. She received 4 battle stars for WW II service and also received battle stars for service in Korea and Viet Nam. We hope that our surface dwelling Sea Fox proves as lucky and durable as SS-402. Here is more information on SS-402 or Google on SS402.
WWII battle flag from USS Sea Fox